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Designs Guru Studio
Our Design Ratio

Designs Guru Studio is The Golden Ratio Of Designs

Our Mission, Vision & Goal: Grow Your Business

We exist for one reason – to drive growth and positive outcomes for your business. It’s the long-term relationships we build with clients and the goals we achieve together.

Our vision are to work hard to meet the client's needs and providing a good quality output and to exceed client expectations and ensure they are 100% satisfied.

Our goal is simple to use our knowledge and skill to enhance and reshape the consumer interactions of our clients, and help grow their businesses.

Creative designs are our interests with a focus and passion for designing and always seeking for challenges over 15+ years of professional experience, and we made more than 350+ design projects with very much satisfied clients.

We focus on understanding your business, your audience and marketing environment, and what makes your needs unique. It is our pleasure to formulate the design solution that best meets your needs.

We're simply happy with what we're working now. We assure you that our design perfection will provide you with the desired output.

Meet our Creative Brains

Our team is formed by professional designers only. Our designers are graduated from art & design universities. Design is our passion not just a profession.

We are a small dedicated team with focus on design modern digital experiences. We are small, but we certainly don’t think small. We are fast, focused and super creative.

3 Brains, 3 Pairs Of Eyes,
3 Different Directions And Styles.

Guru Rajesh

Guru Rajesh
FOUNDER at Designs Guru Studio

Hello! I'm Rajesh senior UI UX Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer with more than 15+ years of experience.

I graduated from design university with specialization in Graphic Design & Illustrations Design.

Professional Qualification

B.F.A. ( Bachelor of Fine Arts )
Specialization in Graphic Design & Illustrations.

Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts ( C-DAC )

Guru Sarika

Guru Sarika
CO-FOUNDER at Designs Guru Studio

Hello! I'm Sarika UX Designer, Project Manager, Front-End Developer with more than 10 + years of experience.

I graduated from IT university with Master of Computer Applications

Professional Qualification

M.C.A ( Master of Computer Applications )

B.C.S. ( Bachelor of Computer Science )

Guru Prasanna

Guru Prasanna
Designer at Designs Guru Studio

Hello! I'm Prasanna junior UI Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer with more than 2+ years of experience.

I graduated from design university with specialization in Drawing & Painting.

Professional Qualification

GD Art ( Fine Arts )
Specialization in Drawing and Panting.


Guru Shreerang

Fun & Entertainment Officer at Designs Guru Studio

We love to have fun and we love to do it together. You work hard, so you have to play hard!

Fun is a key ingredient at work, especially in design & develpement process, where daily tasks can become exceedingly stressful thereby adversely affecting productivity and quality.

Our little champ Shreerang is responsible for engaging the workforce with the ‘ Fun & Entertainment ’ element.

It helps us take our minds off our busy schedules. 

Design Guru Studio
Our Logo Concept
Designs Guru Studio

Our Tag Line

The Golden Ratio Of Designs

What is the Golden Ratio?

The Golden ratio is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. It is often symbolized using phi, after the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet.

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Design Guru Studio
Our studio

We Are Who We Are. Original Forever.

Real People Creating Real Results. Design isn’t just a service — it’s a way of living.

Our Life's Work

We put our hearts and souls into making every project we undertake the very best it can possibly be – and we don't stop until we get there.

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work it's down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients.

Our Inspiration

A Place That Inspires
Incredible India!

Designs Guru Studio Is Situated In The Heart Of Maharashtra,
The Wine Capital & Pilgrimage City Of INDIA.

Designs Guru Studio
We Are

Designs Guru Studio

We Are A Design Tech Studio.
Where Art Meets Technology.
We Design Digital Experiences
To The Next Level.

We Specialized in UI/UX Design, Web Design, Graphic Design,
Brand Identity Design and Front End Development.

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